Writing Prompts

Welcome to Writing Prompts.

If you perform a Google search for writing prompts, you will find a seemingly endless list of links that would provide various types of prompts. Some are great, some are horrible and the rest fall somewhere between the two extremes. We hope to be the former and not the latter. In reality, we’ll probably fall somewhere between the two.

The prompts we will use here are inspired by The Iron Writer weekly challenges, some will be used verbatim, and some will be modified (and it’s not stealing since the founder of The Iron Writer is involved in this blog).

Every prompt will suggest you incorporate the elements into at least a 500-word short story. The longer the better.

Once you finish your story, let it rest for a while. File it away and come back to it after a few weeks, or better yet a few months, so  you have a fresh eye when it comes to re-reading and self-editing. It may not seem like a new story, but it will appear to be an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Good luck and write.


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