About Us

Welcome to Writing Styles & Tips.

This is a blog dedicated to the craft and art of writing by authors and writers of The Iron Writer. We are a dedicated group of writers of varying degrees of experience and within different genres. But at the heart of it all we are all storytellers — and we all have something to tell.

Here are our bloggers and writers:

Christopher Bays

Christopher Bays writes when the rest of the world stops distracting him. He’s called Colorado home for the last 19 years. Disguised as a mild-mannered manager he spends his free time writing, creating and playing too many games with his 12-year-old son. Most of the time he’s trying to inspire people get past their writer’s block on his Twitter account @christopherbays but on a rare occasion you can find him writing inspirational features and articles on how to better market yourself. His work can be found at christopherbays.com.

Steven Bergeron

Steven Bergeron
Steven Bergeron is a Canadian writer and currently writes short stories which has been published in Literary Lunes, an online magazine. In 2010, one of his short stories appeared in Writing from the Heart:  Short stories from around the world. Steven got his start writing in high school where he was encouraged to write on. He writes because he suffers from the serious disease of “shyness,” and writes for the love of the craft and to inspire others to enjoy his stories.

Tiffany Brown


Tiffany Michelle Brown is a native of Phoenix, Arizona, and has degrees in English and Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. Her short story, Invidia, was featured in Penduline Press’s Seven Deadly Sins issue in 2013. When she isn’t writing, Tiffany can be found singing with Jonny Church Band, baking cupcakes, and reading the works of Neil Gaiman. Read more of her work here.

Genevieve Dewey Heaston

Genevieve Dewey
Genevieve Dewey is the author of The Downey Trilogy and the short stories Bird Day Battalion & V-Day Aversion. She is a wife, mother, sister, friend and anthropologist. She was raised mostly in Nebraska, partly in Arizona. She got her bachelor’s in anthropology from Texas A&M University and a master’s in anthropology from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She worked as an Applied Anthropologist for years before deciding to be a stay at home mom. She lives in Nebraska with her three brilliantly diabolical children and one incredibly funny husband.

Mary Fletcher

Mary Fletcher has always written. Every day she wrestle with the demons that are major depressive disorder and anxiety. Writing short stories and poetry helps keep them at bay. She can be found blogging at iwritetoemptythecrazy.blogspot.com and she is loving it.

Tony Jaeger

Tony Jaeger

Tony Jaeger now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah — via Wasteland of Lakenheath Air Force Base — holed up in a sanctuary of words, wordiness and other word-associated things. He us currently a student studying English and the writerly craft. You can also find Tony, the author of Chef and Know Your ‘Shrooms, online www.creativewritingtime.weebly.com.

D.L. Mackenzie


D.L. Mackenzie pounds on a computer somewhere in the desiccated cultural wilderness of Phoenix, Arizona. When he’s not writing, editing, or more gainfully employed elsewhere, he enjoys hiking the valley’s surrounding mountains, traveling, listening to obscure music, and performing unremarkable household chores with his hyperactive wife. D.L. is hopelessly smitten with classic fiction by such authors as Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Jules Verne, and H. G. Wells. His series The Magnetron Chronicles follows eccentric inventor Phineas J. Magnetron on tongue-in-cheek neo-Victorian adventures in the heady Age of Steam.

M.D. Pitman

M.D. Pitman

M.D. Pitman is a journalist in Southwest Ohio and has been writing short fiction for a few years. He is currently working on his first book, a novella-length, story as well as compiling a collection of short stories. M.D. started in journalism in August 1999 with his first reporting job for Cox Media Group Ohio and is still with the newspaper group. He started writing creatively in 2010 when he felt an itch and he’s been learning how to write in a different style ever since. It’s an ever-evolving process and journey.

Mamie Willoughby Pound

Mamie Pound is a writer, poet and sometimes artist in Columbus, Georgia. She is mother to two teenage sons and owner of The Rothschild-Pound House Inn, www.thepoundhouseinn.com. This life provides her with an unfair amount of crazy from which she often draws inspiration. Her blog,www.happyeverywhere.com is updated lopsidedly, depending on the week. She always has a project in the works, whether it be a story, a poem or painting, or maybe just making the most awesome pancakes in the world. Mamie loves her life with her family, especially homeschooling her two sons.

Laura Roberts


Laura Roberts is the author of several books of humorous erotica, including the serial novel Naked Montreal, as well as The Montreal Guide to Sex and her nonfiction collection The Vixen Files: Naughty Notes from a Montreal Sex Columnist. She has also written the best book you’ll ever read about ninjas, pirates and evil politicians in Austin, Texas (Ninjas of the 512), and is currently working on a sexy murder-mystery entitled The Case of the Cunning Linguist. She lives and works in SoCal with her artist husband and their literary kitty, Nedward Carlos Nedwards. You can follow her antics on Twitter @originaloflaura, or finder her online at Buttontapper.com.

B.Y. Rogers

Brian Rogers

B.Y. Rogers is the author of The Sin of Certainty and a growing list of short stories, as well as the creator of The Iron Writer Challenge. He lives in Utah with his wife of 38 years, their 5 children and 10 grandchildren. His stories are listed with Amazon and Smashwords.

Mathew W. Weaver

Mathew W. Weaver 2

A comics fan, movies fan, books fan and medieval fan… call Mathew a fan of the good stuff. He has a basic formula to what he does: read, write, and most importantly, the way he writes is the way he likes to read. It’s simple enough, and it seems to be working well enough so far. His genre of choice is high fantasy, and supposes he could dabble in a bit of humor and satire if he wanted to. Contact Mathew on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mathew.wordweaver, or drop by www.ramblingsandraving.blogspot.com for more craziness.

D.L. Zwissler


Danielle  Lee Zwissler is from rural, Northeast Ohio where she lives with her family. She has books published through Firefly & Wisp Books, Midnight Books and Books To Go Now. You can find any and all of her books on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords as well as in paperback form, including Her Last Chance and The Art of Seduction. You can find out more bout Danielle online at www.danielleleezwissler.com, www.daniellezwissler.weebly.com, www.facebook.com/danielleleezwissler, www.twitter.com/danielleleezwis or The Lost & Found Show on Spreaker.com.



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