Writing Prompt 1

In Week 1 of The Iron Writer Challenge, four authors were asked to write a 500-word story (give or take a few words) involving the following elements.

  1. An empty ATM
  2. A talking tree
  3. Toilet bowl cleaner
  4. A meteor

The key to incorporating the elements is not to try to find a common denominator of  all four. Find a common link between two, and then weave in the other two after the first or second draft. And don’t just throw in an element for the sake of including it. Make it count, make it important.

If you can get it within 500-ish words, that’s great but write as long as you can. If you’re inspired to write a novel based on these elements, or even a novella or long story, more power to you. The important thing is you are writing.

Once you’ve finished your new piece of work, set it aside for a few weeks or a few months and come back to it for a re-edit.

Good luck and write.